October 20, 2004

by Reb Yudel
How to fight (and lose) a faith-based war

Post-war planning non-existent (Knight Ridder)
WASHINGTON - In March 2003, days before the start of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, American war planners and intelligence officials met at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina to review the Bush administration's plans to oust Saddam Hussein and implant democracy in Iraq.

Near the end of his presentation, an Army lieutenant colonel who was giving a briefing showed a slide describing the Pentagon's plans for rebuilding Iraq after the war, known in the planners' parlance as Phase 4-C. He was uncomfortable with his material - and for good reason.

The slide said: "To Be Provided."


Bush flip flops costs lives. His policy decisions, both foreign and domestic, are too influenced by his own biblical end of world view. Kerry is a flip flopper for thinking aloud, but nobody has died from this.
1. Bush administration throws out state department working group plans for post war Iraq in favor of the the DOD's "plan"
2. Gen. Garner who favored using existing Baathists who know Iraq's infrastructure and the people who support it, ie police, security, power, school, sanitation, sewage, schools to help rebuild iraq. Let Iraqis rebuild Iraq. This plan was changed to Paul Bremer, who deBaathified the reconstruction and privatized the reconstruction to outside corporations. The insurgency was born as the baathists left to fight.
3. Fallujah, we were suppose to take out the insurgents last spring, but wait, lets talk to the baathists again.
4. Ahmed Chalaby was a valuable source of intelligence on Iraq intelligence and WMD before the war, and is now the discredited embezzler he has always been, and potential spy for iran as well.
5. Bush state he promote the culture of life, but starts a war.
17,000 dead, 7,000 thousand sick and injured.
6. Bush states he is stronger for security, but someone in his cabinet leaks the name of cia operative valerie plame.
7. Bush may state the world is safer with Saddam removed from power, but now iraq is an islamic wasp nest, agitated and breeding new terrorists.
8. Bush initially refuses the formation of the 9/11 commission, but then reluctantly agrees.
9. Bush initially refuses a dept. of homeland security, then takes credit for it.
10. Bush refuses to hand documents to the commission. Then when he does, the Aug 6th memorandum states they were warned about an attack.
11. Bush state we should fight the war abroad, not at home. The war started on 9/11/01 in NYC with terrorist living in the USA. They are amongst us.
12. Bush makes iraq the centerpiece on the war on terror spending $120 billion, but fails to defend homeland infrastructure.
Kerry supported and wrote legislation in 2000 to help fight the financing of terrorist organizations. His is legislation was finally incorporated into the Patriot Act verbatim after 9/11.
It will be ironic after elections take place in iraq, freedom in iraq will insure another fundamentalist islamic state in the middle east that will not be friendly to the US, and our presence there. Allawi and Chalaby, the US puppets, will likely be the first to go. We will be there a long time, surrounded by the Iraqi society where vengence for the death of loved ones is acceptable behaviour. The war on terror should be a war against fundamentalists with weapons, ie bush/christians, sharon/jews and binladen/muslims. the axis of fundamentalists.

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