October 18, 2004

by Reb Yudel
The way it might have been

it's all one thing postulates an alternative universe, one where the old-time electoral college system was still in place:

What if George W. Bush had been elected president?

With the election only a few weeks away, I've decided to take a break from wondering whether Gore's bigger threat is McCain or Nader and instead indulge in a little speculation, inspired by Patrick Nielsen Hayden imagining the horrors of a hypothetical Bush presidency.

Now, this game is a little hard to play, considering that Gore won by half a million votes. But let's grant Patrick's premise: 1. The U.S. still has the blatantly undemocratic Electoral College....

Though it's hard to imagine Bush in the White House instead of facing hard time for the Enron/Halliburton fiascos, alternative history doesn't have to be easy. So, where would we be under a Bush presidency?

Let's start with the Republican strength, the economy. Gore struggled with the economic downturn early in his term and barely has us back on track. You can depend on Republicans to be fiscally conservative. Bush would have built on Clinton's success in turning around the deficit. Now, he might not have done as well as Gore because he would have insisted on tax cuts for the rich and for corporations. But consider this possibility: To make those tax cuts palatable to the American people, he would've had to give something in return. My guess? Universal health care. Remember, it's not a partisan issue. Nixon tried to come up with universal health care. Bush, with a Republican Congress, could have succeeded. And, if he had, I wouldn't mind if the debt wasn't shrinking as fast as it has under Gore. Heck, I wouldn't even mind if Bush was running a small deficit.

International relations wouldn't be that different either. With sanctions and inspections working in Iraq, Bush also would have kept the pressure on Israel to create a viable Palestine. Frankly, peace in the Middle East was inevitable.....


for the rest of the campaign, I believe your distortions of reality in order to get kerry elceted are unfortunatly accpetable as part of the political poisonous atmorsphere pre election where reality doesnt count if ti wont get my man elected, never mind how bush beat most of the doom sayers, never mind how for once america has GAINED the respectability of the world knowing we arent their lackies who will foot the bill and then dance to their tune, yes there were mistakes in the planning of the war, but they remind me of the man who killed his parents and then pleaded for mercy because he was an orphan, the reason for the war was removal of a despot who was a haven for terrorists, there never was nor is there now any doubt about that, whereas now he terrorist have two havens, in iran and syria and both are subject to political pressure by the UN (yes the un who bush flaunted and thus gave it some backbone by showing the world that if they don't listen to its security council resolutions someone might just take it seriously and take them to taks for it instead of just starving the innocent population while the leaders had plenty). before the war the one country who openly sponsored suicide bombing was iraq paying 25,000$ for every bombing. he might not have supported bin laden but that argument was only brought in together with the WMD argument as a result of saddam lackies in the western world claiming we had no right to dispose of him unless he was actually behind the 9/11 attacks, which caused the palnners to be so occupied with getting begrudging support for the war hat they had to put post war planning on the back burner.
but my bigger issue with your blog is the last line in the article, "Bush also would have kept the pressure on Israel to create a viable Palestine. Frankly, peace in the Middle East was inevitable....."
after all the terror that folowed every step of granting limited indepedence to those who claim to represent palestinians, i understand uninterested members of the media saying the solution is granting them indepedence, but thank god we had bush in who only payed lip service to the idea he was pressured to propose. i shudder to think what would be if algore and his "pro-israel" VP joe lieberman were in office. i still rememeber how in 96 joe lieberman prided himself that in 92 the palestinians werent welcome in the white house until he lobbied for them and brought them to eb so close with the clinton adminstration, did we really need 4 more years of that and 9/11 happening under that adminstration??
i can just see the immediate headlines, VP says terror caused by disenfranchment, war on terror must begin by recognizing the taliban and declarig a palestinian state.
america can survive a depressed economy, we are even stron enough to survive a failed war , if america's enemies at home will demorailze us enough so we fail to win god forbid. but we cannot survive a misplaced war on the causes of terror rather than removal of the despots so the civilians can try to make peace themselves.
thank god we have the so called "dunce" in office.
poor fellow only sees the world in black and white, doesnt understand the cause for arafat frustration which forces him to support the coruption and whic causes the richer palestinians to do terror even if it ruins the economy for th poorer ones.
he doesnt understand how sanctions forced saddam to mass murder his people, or the poor bin laden who starved at home and had no choice but to arrange 9/11 so his poor starving family would get the independence they needed in afghanistan and saudi arabia. thank god for a nt understanding president, i can only hope if god forbid kerry gets elected, god shoudl prevent him from what he seems to be planing,
after all we might have kicked god out of the schools btu he still plays a small hand in the running of the world...

Posted by: Roger_C at October 24, 2004 5:08 AM
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