October 11, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Leonard Cohen's new album is coming

Leonard Cohen's new album, Dear Heather is coming out later this month. The two-hearts-linked-as-a-Magen David caught my attention; Cohen has just recently spent five years as a Buddhist Monk.

The fan-created Dear Heather web site features lyrics, biographical details of some of the album's subjects (one song is dedicated to A.M. Klein), a paen of praise by everyone's favorite dissolute Yeshiva of Flatbush grad, Leon Wieseltier, and -- believe it or not -- a complete Hebrew translation. TrackBack


Great, I have been waiting for this since the last great record. There was a song to Leon on the last record. Great music.

Posted by: Tzemach at October 12, 2004 6:53 AM
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