October 11, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Jewish politics on Amazon

Amidst the political books of this season, I found an interesting reviewers comment on Amazon's listing of the new travel-sized edition of the Etz Hayim Torah and Commentary:

Lastly, why bother to include the Hebrew text of the Torah unless you are going to exploit that by making at least a sprinkling of remarks related to the Hebrew language or grammar.

Rather than criticize the Reform movement as Elliot Dorff does at p. 1477, the RA and USCJ should invest in a modern page layout program that will allow them to add a little Hebrew back into the commentary and notes. The religious language of the Jewish people remains Hebrew and the commentary once it is shorn of its Hebrew language content is greatly weakened like Shimshon (Samson) without a full head of hair.



Actually, the commentaries in Etz Hayim do refer to Hebrew vocabulary and grammer in several places. They just tend to transliterate in the commentaries rather than print the Hebrew text.

And I don't think anyone in the Reform movement is in any position to be preaching about shearing away one's strength. R long ago made an attempt to shear away much of what makes Judaism "Jewish." Its only in recent decades that some of it has been growing back.

Posted by: John W. Leys at October 11, 2004 11:50 PM
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