September 27, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Leonard Nimony, Leonard Bernstein -- and fortunately, not William Shatner

TrekToday reports that Leonard Nimoy Fronting New Radio Show

Leonard Nimoy (Spock) will be presenting the 13-part series of two hour episodes, which will cover a variety of select material from the Milken Archive, a project aimed at preserving and cataloguing 350 years of Jewish music. The show will go out on WFMT Radio Network stations and XM Satellite Radio, with the first broadcast of the latter to be aired at 8:00pm ET on October 7th.

"I grew up speaking Yiddish at home in Boston and hearing this music during services at synagogue and at social events where my uncle and four cousins played klezmer music," said Nimoy, adding that he felt "very much at home" with both the program and the music.

The show will explore a variety of themes and American Jewish music, ranging from film scores and operas to Holocaust reflections, through to world premieres of recently discovered Jewish compositions by renowned composer Leonard Bernstein.

So Nimoy, a Jew who became famous playing a Vulcan, fronts again for a Jewish cause. How typical of American Jews. When do you think we'll see an alien winning his/her/its fame portraying a human Jew, and then using that fame for his/her/its own culture?