September 27, 2004

by Reb Yudel
The UnGreat Debates

Bob Harris at This Modern World points to the official debate rules, and summarizes them:

In the "Town Hall" debate, audience members will ask their moderator-screened questions, but they won't be allowed any follow-up, and if they deviate from approved levels of free speech, they will be silenced. Candidates will therefore be able to a) change the subject entirely, b) misleadingly paraphrase the question (one of Monkey's best tactics), or c) stall by following-up an earlier point, especially since their opponent is forbidden from asking any direct questions in response. Huge point for Monkey.
While I'm arranging for one of my holiday guests to watch the first debate at a neighbor who (a) had a large TV screen (b) isn't Jewish, I plan on staying home.

This is less because of adherence to a news-free yom tov (I freely guzzle the Shabbos New York Times) but because Bush's victory is a foregone conclusion.

I say that because of a comment I heard on CNN a couple of weeks ago, where one of the anchor people claimed that Bush lost his debate with Gore "because Gore seemed condescending."

Back in high school, Bush might have lost because he lied and made up facts. But for CNN and the other gullible so-called-liberal media, facts don't count. (see Columbia Journalism Review's Campaign Desk for ongoing coverage of the weak-kneed, soft-headed media.)

So I assume that the Media will juxtapose the President's Neumanesque "What Me Worry?" optimism with all the boring, depressing, so-called facts that Kerry will bring in. And in on our Mad world, Alfred E. Newman will win the day.

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