September 21, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Let's keep Allah out of heaven!

Midwest Cancels Flight After Arabic-Style Writing Found (

MILWAUKEE -- Midwest Airlines canceled a flight ready to take off for San Francisco after a passenger found Arabic-style handwriting in the company's in-flight magazine and alerted the crew.

The plane, carrying 118 passengers and five crew members, had already pulled away from the gate at Mitchell International Airport Sunday evening.

It returned to the gate, the passengers got off, security authorities were notified, all luggage was checked and the aircraft was inspected. Nothing was found.

The passengers were put up in nearby hotels and booked on a Monday morning flight.

The writing was in Farsi, the language used in Iran, said airline spokeswoman Carol Skornicka.

She said she didn't know exactly what the writing said but was similar to a prayer, "something of a contemplative nature."

So let's see. We turn back a plane because someone doodled in Farsi. We turn back Yussif Islam because he's some sort of threat -- though not, I might note, a real enough terrorist menace to justify surveilling and catching associates.

Is this a new move to keep America safer?

Or is this just an election-eve effort to reasure Americans that Big Brother loves them enough to keep evil foreigners away?


Oh, Yudel, you kneejerk lefty. Don't you understand how diabolical the plot is? Al Qaida has begun leaving coded messages by exploiting the little-acknowledged secret of air travel -- the fact that NOBODY READS INFLIGHT MAGAZINES! The next stage will be embedding code words inthe stewards' safety instructions, which again, no one ever listens to.

Connect the dots, man, connect the dots.

Posted by: Silow-Carroll at September 23, 2004 12:17 PM
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