September 20, 2004

by Reb Yudel
It could be worse.... one scenario

John Robb warns:
Our amazing military, when bogged down in hot guerrilla wars transforms itself into an extremely expensive, legitimacy depleting liability.

For example, we have set up a situation where we can't lose either Afghanistan or Iraq.

Two hot guerrilla wars would put all of the military assets we have into those theaters. The additional cost would run well in excess of $400 b a year. Casualties and confusion would rise as attention is divided between the theaters.

This situation would then make it possible to strike at other areas (Saudi Arabia in particular) with impunity. Events would be staged to bait the US into expanding new areas of operations. The key here is to inflate the bubble of US power to the point it become vulnerable to catastrophic failure. Add global guerrilla systemic disruption to the mix and we are in for a disaster.

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