September 20, 2004

by Reb Yudel
From the charming mixture of brain chemicals that brought us Lyndon LaRouche

Barry Chamish was kind enough to send me his latest article, alleging that Ofra Haza was murdered in a conspiracy that centers around... Shimon Peres, who else?

Long-time Chamish readers may recall that even back in 1994, Chamish placed Peres at the center of a conspiracy that included the Council on Foreign Relations, which obviously (well, obviously to Chamish, at least) was just a front for the worldwide Freemason conspiracy.

While Chamish subsequently gained fame (though lost some credibility) with his Rabin assasination theories, what's most interesting to me is that his thinking has indeed evolved in the past decade.

He no longer blames the ills of the Jewish people and the world on the Freemasons.

It's now the fault of Shabtai Tzvi, or at least his nefarious followers.

And before you breathe too easy here in the United States, you should know this: Barry Chamish is convinced that Kerry is part of the Sabbatean plot as well.

Don't say that YudelLine didn't warn you!


Lithium. You hold him down. I'll stuff it in his mouth.

Posted by: Shmarya at September 20, 2004 4:17 PM
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