September 15, 2004

by Reb Yudel
The Accountability Era begins now! has a television ad worth viewing, and a letter to the president worth reading by all who care about American security:

Mr. President, on September 7, 2004, the count of American soldiers and military personnel killed while serving our nation in Iraq passed 1,000. Our nation's security is now more tenuous than ever, but it is not only because of al Qaeda.

Bringing down Saddam Hussein was an honorable goal, but decisions that you and your advisors made -- in mismanaging the Afghanistan campaign, in refusing to hear dissenting opinions, in selectively presenting evidence to press the case for a war in Iraq, in ignoring and insulting our traditional allies, in undersupplying our troops, in setting unrealistic expectations, and in refusing to admit your errors -- have left the United States less secure now than it was a year ago.

The collateral damage resulting from your Administration's poor decisions and misjudgments in how you elected to promote, to carry out, and to clean up after this war will redound to the country's detriment for generations. And over a thousand American families whose loved ones were killed in action -- and tens of thousands more families that were impacted by casualties, and hundreds of thousands that were impacted by overseas deployments -- will never be the same.

Yet still no one in your administration has been held accountable for the mistakes that have been made. And you have no plan to extricate our troops from this situation you created. Most shamefully, you continue to turn away questions about your conduct before, during, and after the war by invoking the memory of the September 11th attacks

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