September 14, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Hulk writer takes on action figure

Peter David proposes A Democratic commercial

I think the following would be an interesting script for a commerical for a Democratic activist group:

1) Footage of Candidate Bush stating that he's against nation building.

2) Footage of dead and dying American soldiers and dead and dying Iraqis, including some of that brutal footage from "F 9/11."

3) Footage of Bush declaring "MIssion Accomplished."

4) Footage of headlines declaring over a thousand Americans killed.

5) Footage of Candidate Bush stating that he supported the assault weapon ban.

6) Footage of newspaper headlines about the assault ban treaty being lifted without a word of protest from the White House, intercut with dead and dying young people or terrorists fighting assault weapons.

7) Footage of Bush saying that he's keeping us safer. Freeze Frame, and the following words appear:

"While he's lyin', we're dyin'."

Paid for by the Committe of People Who Don't Want to See More People Die On George Bush's Watch.

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