September 13, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Advice from Israel

Eve Kessler blogs former Al Gore speechwriter Kenneth Baer's advice following a trip from Israel: Campaign Confidential: What He Learned in Tel Aviv

In an age of fanatics who do not hesitate to turn our planes into missiles and their own children into suicide bombers, the argument that less expensive health care will make America strong rings hollow -- no matter how important such a policy may be.

Kerry needs to continue to make his newly reinvigorated case against Bush, but add to it a powerful indictment of how Bush has waged the war against terror in a way that has not made America safer. In addition, Kerry needs to prove that he will not hesitate as commander in chief to find and destroy terrorists.

If he does not, I am afraid that a glimpse of America's future can also be found in Israel. Israelis debate with gusto every political issue under the sun, but come election time there is only one issue that matters: security. And ever since the dominant party of the center-left, Labor, lost the trust of the electorate on this issue, they lost not just one but two elections.