September 2, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Franklin Update: With friends like these edition.

This Is Rumor Control is quoting sources on the DOD-AIPAC-Israel story with a predicion as to actual charges (a prediction which will help in determing whether the site is serious or just another DEBKA):
The "minimal charge" to be brought against senior Pentagon official Lawrence Franklin will be a "complaint" proffered by the FBI for "mishandling of official government documents," according to reports from government investigators who have spoken to This Is Rumor Control. The complaint "is likely to be followed by the filing of formal charges," we were told. Franklin will be charged with turning over "a draft NSC policy paper on Iran" to Steve Rosen, the director of foreign policy issues for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the organization's liaison to the Government of Israel. Rosen turned over the draft policy paper to Naor Gilon, an official in the Israeli embassy who is a reputed expert on Iran. "Right now we are working on the complaint and have not decided on the depth of the criminal charge, but we certainly will at some point in the future. This will take some time, I wouldn't expect anything this week. My bet is that this will not rise to the level of full-blown espionage," this investigator said.
However, another of their sources, a senior Israeli intelligence official in Tel Aviv says that, Dennis Ross to the contrary,
"our access in Washington has been shut down, especially on the most sensitive matters. We just don't have the access that we once had." This senior Tel Aviv-based Israeli intelligence official, who is responsible for monitoring U.S. military policy, speaks bitterly about Israel's relationship with the Pentagon's neo-conservatives. "These guys are more zealous than we are and they're not very professional," he says. "We were shut out [of sensitive intelligence sharing] the first minute after reports circulated that we were responsible for 'doping' U.S. assessments on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. And you know what? we didn't do it. Chalabi did it. So now we wander around Washington asking people what the U.S. policy on Iran is, because honestly we don't know -- and no one will tell us, let alone talk to us. Now there's this. And because we were shut out by the administration we knew nothing about what the U.S. was planning for Iran. So it stands to reason, doesn't it, that we would recruit Larry Franklin as our spy? The only problem is that we didn't recruit him as our spy. Our so-called friends in Washington did. And guess who gets blamed?"
In other words: with friends like Wolfowitz, Feith, and Franklin, who needs enemies? TrackBack
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