September 1, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Santorum Leads Goy on Jew Action at GOP Gathering

The MSNBC headline reads DeLay makes intense appeal for Jewish voters but let's not forget Senator Rick "man-on-dog-action" Santorum:
I dont expect 20 percent of the vote, I will not be satisfied with 30 percent of the vote, I will not be satisfied with 40 percent of the vote, George Bush deserves the majority of the Jewish-American vote here in the United States of America! shouted Sen. Rick Santorum, RPa., who helped warm up the Plaza Hotel crowd for DeLay.
No word on whether House Majority Leader Tom "The Exterminator" DeLay will penalize Jews if they don't measure up to Santorum's expectations.

DeLay, meanwhile, thrilled his Jewish audience by declaring "there is no Palestinian-Israeli conflict. There is only the global war on terrorism."

Given that "war on terror" has so far translated into the creation of an additional one or two Muslim fundamentalist states in the Middle East, I'm not sure that's a very comforting formulation.

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