August 31, 2004

by Reb Yudel
A good sign?

I tend not to read much of Little Green Footballs anymore: It's one thing to think that the Muslim world is in a war against Jews and Americans; it's another thing to think that Bush and company are doing anyone except for Bin Laden a favor with their loud bravado and quiet, consistent incompetence.

Still, a recent Google search brought me this little optimistic tidbit from the lgf: LGF comments section by one David All, who has posted on YudelLine as well:

A good sign that a senior person is going to be leaving their Pentagon position is when we here at the Pentagon Library get all the books that person will not be taking with him. This is not a sure sign, they may just need to get rid of some books, but still is pretty reliable. Last week we got a whole bunch of books donated to the library by Sec. Rumsfield!