August 28, 2004

by Reb Yudel
The President's Phony Medals

George W. Bush fought bravely to keep Houston's swimming pools safe from communist bombers, but apparently that wasn't satisfaction enough. This post from Norwegianity points out that our current president has posed wearing medals he didn't earn -- in violation of military protocol and the air force honor code:
A pro-Kerry organisation labelled the President an “impostor� over the photograph, taken in 1970 and discovered in his father's Presidential Library in Houston, Texas.

The ribbon is an Air Force Outstanding Unit Award – which was not awarded to the 111th Fighter Intercept Squadron in which Mr Bush served until 1975, five years after the photograph was taken, according to the group US War Report.

"Why is this fraud important? Because it betrays the Honour Code that every officer learns and carries throughout his or her career," said Walt Starr who investigated the medals for the group.