August 25, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Take that,, Dr. Pangloss!

Boing Boing brings the grumpy news that Bad moods boost memory. Not only that, but
In another experiment, subjects were asked to write an argument supporting a specific proposition. Apparently, grumpy individuals expressed better critical thinking and communication skills.

I have a favorite article in my files, "Be A Jerk" from the July/August 1995 issue of Men's Health. It extols the virtues of jerks over "nice guys."

A brief quote: "When it comes to your health and other important matters, you can usually count on a jerk. Because in order to survive in a society that values style over substance, a jerk has to know what he's doing."

Posted by: David Holzel at August 26, 2004 8:17 AM
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