August 13, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Racists at Clear Channel

Via David Weiner, Douglas Anders reports on anti-semitism on the airwaves in Toledo, OH:
Like everyone else, I've heard about the hateful things said about George Soros. The anti-semitic slurs were appalling, but I only heard about them second-hand. I was disturbed, but in a detached, intellectual way.

This afternoon, on live radio, local talk show host for WSPD Denny Schaffer, make the most blatantly anti-semitic statement I've ever heard (no transcript or audio available, but this almost exactly what was said. Thoughts were strung together, with nothing separating them):

George Soros is an atheist.

His jewish family escaped Europe in the 1930 by masquerading as Christians.

George Soros is the Anti-Christ.

He said this at 3:30, during the afternoon drive on one of the most popular radio stations in Toledo. And he just made one of the most hate-filled statement imaginable. Even now, four hours later, I am revolted and nauseous beyond words.

I never studied much about the historical phenomenon of anti-semitism, but even I can recognize the familiar and centuries-old pattern: Jews are godless; they can move amongst us without detection; they are the implacable enemy of everything we stand for. Schaffer didn't even try to dress it up, or couch his racism in euphemisms. He just . . . said it.

I'm guessing that it won't surprise anyone that Schaffer works for Clear Channel, and I'm guessing that tomorrow afternoon this racist jackass's job will just as secure as it was before he said these things.

Lies, hate and racism: just points in a business plan for Clear Channel.

Clear Channel, you may recall, is the Friends-of-Bush radio network that kicked Howard Stern off the air.

Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if there were consequences this time; Clear Channel is still playing in an environment of mass media. But as my grandmother told me the last time I saw her in her wonderful Southern accent, "the times they are a'changin'.