August 12, 2004

by Reb Yudel
No Thursday Sun Shine for Steven I.

Looking for Steven I. Weiss, I put down my quarter for today's Sun. No sign of Steve's byline, alas. However, I did find:
  • A front-page followup to yesterday's Drudge Report rumor concerning Kerry and his wife
  • A front-page report of Chalabi filing a federal suit against the Kingdom of Jordan to defend his reputation. Any victory capable of recovering his self-proclaimed probity would also be useful for Sun Publisher Seth Lipsky, who devoted quite a few column inches as Forward editor to promoting Chalabi and his Iraqi National Congress.
  • An editorial opposing Bush's Gross nomination for the new CIA director.
  • A Lipsky column pointing out that the U.S. government very much lied about who was in Cambodia back in 1969 and 1970, based on his experience on the Army's Stars and Stripes newspaper, which broke the story when a reporter took a Huey ride over the Cambodian border. The column proves once again that whenever Lipsky lets his journalistic Dr. Jekyll control his political Mr. Huyde, the readers win.
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