August 10, 2004

by Reb Yudel
PETA Going Kosher?

While Aguda's Rabbi Avi Shafran is down on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (and my forthcoming rebuttal of R' Shafran does not leap to PETA's defense either), following up some information on President Bush's infamous rugby career brought up the following nugget of PETA Torah goodnes.

The context of this excerpt from Lloyd Grove's Daily News column was PETA's critique of a White Castle movie which promoted itself by mailing White Castle burgers to the press:

"They can't say that no animals were harmed to make this movie," PETA President Ingrid Newkirk told me yesterday. "It sounds like it could be disconcerting and rather sad and bloody. This is the new PG-13: 'Pathetic,' 'Gross' and '13 kinds of gut bacteria.'"

Newkirk - who believes that a cow is at least as worthy of consideration as an actor - said the addition of cheese is particularly distasteful:

"Mixing the baby with the milk of the mother is unkosher and unkind." (emphasis added - Yudel)