August 9, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Bush jettisons another intelligence asset

One night when we were trying to accustom our two-year old to sleeping in his crib, he stood, held up his bottle of milk, and declared: "Let me out or I'll pour milk in my ear!"

This fine baby memory is brought to mind by the latest antics of our boy king, whose administration has yet again let slip the name of an intelligence asset. As Bill Mon. at the Whiskey Bar concludes his summary:

So in order to alarm the public about a four-year-old potential al-Qaeda plot (and, in the process, polish up Dear Leader's anti-terrorism credentials) it appears the administration knowingly endangered an on-going intelligence operation aimed at capturing a senior al-Qaeda operative and his entire cell.

And, as previously noted, all of this just by chance happened on the weekend after the Democratic convention - at a time when the Bush-Cheney campaign was determined to squash any Kerry "bounce" in the polls.

Duly noted is the claim by Bush supporters that the president "had to do it" since his critics weren't taking his latest intelligence claims seriously....