July 26, 2004

by Reb Yudel
The third John?

The Forward's Ami Eden adds his speculation to the Wilson/Plame affair:
Josh Marshall says he is beginning to consider as plausible the theories offered up by readers who "have written in to tell me that they thought the broadside of attacks against Joe Wilson might be timed to blunt, head off, or someway affect expected indictments in the Plame affair." Here's my theory, based on nothing but my own conspiratorial streak: President Bush is laying the groundwork for a pardon.

And let me add a wrinkle: The Bushies leaked the story about Sandy Berger in order to set up a trade of sorts -- the president will pardon Berger and the Plame leaker, while declaring himself a unifier in the spirit of the increasingly popular 9/11 commission.

Did someone mention "pardon"? Quick, place a call to Buttner, North Carolina! If the president really wants to propose a package pardon of security-unconscious American government officials, shouldn't Pollard be on the list?

Remember, you heard it here first!

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