June 17, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Happy Passover! Jesus loves you! Drive safely!

Ebay auction: 6102342531 (Ends Jun-17-04 14:16:59 PDT)

A haggadah published by the Israeli Government Office for the Prevention of Road Accidents, featuring the classic Hebrew text and ample road safety tips ("the wise son knows .... that you give right of way, you don't take it).

But what really strikes the fancy of the seller is the cover: "If you look closely, you will see a nice Jewish family gathering together with all the members of the family, presumably to celebrate the Passover festival in Jerusalem. BUT, this is not just any ordinary family! Why who else but our former co-religionists (Mother mary, baby j, Joe and the 3 wise men) are depicted on the cover of this Israeli haggada! With halos and all around the 3 main characters in the story!"