June 10, 2004

by Reb Yudel
Coke rising

Coke adds flavor, price
Asked why Coca-Cola has recently started selling its soft drinks in 1.5-liter bottles instead of the old 2-liter size, but charging the same amount, Knauss said it's both a response to inflation and to "maximize revenue for the customer."

"We're testing a couple of different price points, we'll see where it nets out," Knauss said of the new bottle size, which is being tested in New York.

He said Coca-Cola is trying to determine if 1.5 liters is a better portion size for consumers, who complain that soda in a 2-liter bottle often goes flat in the refrigerator.

Sorry if I'm not impressed, Mr. Knauss; I guzzle my diet coke by the gallon. I don't refrigerate it. And if you're going to charge me the same as Pepsi for a quarter less, then I'll take my business elsewhere.