May 16, 2004

by Reb Yudel
America reviews Tangled Up in the Bible

America, The Catholic Weekly Magazine, reviews the new book on Dylan & the Bible; the Jesuit novice who reviews it concludes thusly:
At the core of Dylan's music is a solitary individual in search of truth, love and fulfillment, and he endears himself to the listener in a precisely religious way. More than a protest singer or a bluesman or a minstrel or a preacher or a prophet, Dylan has always been a pilgrim, disaffected and disillusioned but still seeking. It is a stance and a journey that brings many other pilgrims on many other quests to connect with him emotionally, from presidential candidates to Jesuit novices. Dylan may be a Jew, he may be a Christian, he may be agnostic, he may be an atheist, but his musical career has always signaled a constant search for the transcendent, what his scriptural sources call God.

Amen, brother!