Yudeline Archives

September, 2002: Free Jewish books and comic covers, 9/11 thoughts and more

August, 2002: Notes from the Police States of America, Leonard Nimoy's weirdest music video, and my take on McDonald's French fries

July, 2002: Why you shouldn't leave the hospital on Friday, trust the Feds, or try reading Mail Liberal Judaism if you're in Saudi Arabia.

June, 2002: How the Internet bubble really was a Ponzi scheme, drug war casualties, and how suicide bombgings change public opinion

May, 2002: Telling the truth about glass, obssesive-compulsive piety, the legal dangers of spitballs, and psychiatric Egyptians.

April, 2002: In which we bash Saudis, outflank Sharon from the left and right, and finger anti-Oslo messianism

March, 2002: Saudi tznius, Orthodox woman rabbi, agunim, and Israel spiraling

February, 2002: Scientology, Dylan & teaching trouble

October - December, 2001: Sadness and Saudi-smashing

July - September, 2001: Cameras, citics, space & Sept. 11

May - June, 2001: Bush the liar, Dr. Laura the bigot, Phranc the tupperware lady, and more s

Feb. - April, 2001: Remembering Granddad, slaughterhouse crimes, Murdoch kowtows, and more

January, 2001: Ashcroft, FDR's rabbinical progeny, and more

2000: Lieberman and more

December, 1999: Hanukkah, WTO madness, YU vs freedom of the press, and more

November, 1999: Wolfe's musings, Wolfson's influence, wool yarmulkes, and more

October, 1999: Pruzansky, Nixon and Pierce

August - September, 1999: Yom Kippur with Dan Bern, Hillary's Bubbe, and the Perl onion

July 19 - July 15, 1999: Bar Ilan researches Yeshiva students & Viagra

July 1 - July 17, 1999: Tisha B'Av '99, Barak's government formed, Dylan's mother speaks!

June 13 - June 29, 1999: Day School task force, Monsey vs. Barak on Capitol Hill, The Jewish Week's moderation muddle

June 6 - June 12, 1999: Haredi Robin Hoods & Las Vegas Mob Lawyer / Synagogue Prez / Mayor

May 27 - June 4, 1999: Breast cancer gene, queer Jewish humor and more

May - June, 1999: Special Issue: Reform Judaism's Statement of Principles

May 21 - May 25, 1999: Shavuot bottle battles & Shas control

May 16 - May 20, 1999: From election eve to morning after

May 4 - May 14, 1999: Eve of election

April 26-May 3, 1999: Sephardi Torah Guardians vs. dybbuks, tobacco, converts and judges

April 13-25, 1999: Littleton, Koret book awards, agribusiness vs. the rest of us

April 12-17, 1999: Kiss UJA goodbye, Satmar scam, Debbie Friedman

April 1-11, 1999: Yom Hashoah, Likud loves Russia, Jews in the Bullseye

March, 1999: Inaugural issues & Passover selections