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» PA-Sen: Senator Rick Santorum Out of Line from Swing State Project
NOTE:This is a long post with lots of links that should be explored. This is completely outrageous, Santorum should step down from his leadership position. Another Raw Story Exclusive: Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) compared Democrats' attempts to keep the ... [Read More]

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» Unbelievable! from Seeing the Forest
Remember when MoveOn had a contest to make an ad, and some guy made one comparing Bush's actions to Hitler's? Remember the firestorm? You couldn't turn on the TV or read a newspaper or listen to the radio without hearing... [Read More]

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» Senator Rick Santorum compares Democrats to Hitler from The Blue Bus is calling us...
Will we see the right-wingers be up in arms about this like they were with the Move On ad and Byrd's comments? Yeah, right. Oliver Willis has the goods: Click here to listen (or here to watch) to Pennsylvania Senator... [Read More]

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