New Voices

Editorial: A Farewell to the Jewish Frat
It's time for fraternities to go, and the Jewish chapters should be the first to disband (April , 1999)

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New Vices
In Your Face Jewish Humor (January , 1999)

The Next Step
New Groups Prove Jewish Life Doesn't Have To Go Into Hibernation After College (January , 1999)

How The Jewish Student Mind Works
Sex, The Drive for Success, and the New Science of Evolutionary Psychology (February , 1999)

The Mistakes of the March
The March of the Living and the Limits of a Holocaust-based Jewish Identity (October 1998)

Jews in Jail
The Story of Zev Isgur and One of the Strangest Jewish Communities You'll Ever Read About (September 1998)

Countering Conspicuous Consumption
(September 1998)


Arts & Culture

A cappella in Action
Jewish student singing groups our hitting high notes across the country (April , 1999)

Skalom Aleichem
King Django puts the Jew in Ska (November , 1998)

10 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate With Gefilte Fish
(September 1998)


Campus News

When Is Sex Improper?
Rabbinical Students Struggle With Morality and Modernity (March 1998)

Taking The Plunge
The Am Echad/One People Jewish Unity Conference (March 1998)

From Currency To Community at the University of Michigan
(February 1998)


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